Different Shapes



Level 2 Playlist


So, something has changed about the playlist.

Now, when you switch songs, you’re going to get some different shapes.


All of these shapes work just like the shape you already played with. Except, of course, they’re made up of different notes.

So the notes in this shape are… [show]

If I choose a different song, here, the notes are… [show]

So try a few of these yourself. Find a song you like that has a new shape, then get the notes down and try playing along with the song, just like you did before.


You can remember any one of these shapes pretty much right away, and then you can think of the shape rather than having to remember each of the individual notes that make it up.

So go ahead and play around with these new shapes a little bit.

You’ll get to know the shapes gradually just by playing with them, so when each new shape that pops up starts to feel like it’s one you’ve maybe seen before, that’s when you’re ready to move on.