The Anchor Note



Now that you can hear how a shape fits with a song, let’s zero in on one particular note that all the other notes feel like they’re pulling toward. Maybe you’ve already started to notice this as you play. This is the anchor note.

The anchor note is like a magnet. As the other notes move away from it, they take on a feeling of tension, like they’re stretched away from the anchor and want to pull back to it. And when they arrive back to the anchor, the tension goes away.

Here are all the notes of the shape, with a pause each time we reach the anchor note.


In fact, you can play random notes of the shape, followed by the anchor, and each note will sound like it’s pulling toward the anchor, like this.


So now, in the playlist, you’ll see a little arrow that shows you which note of the shape is the anchor note for each song.

The anchor can be any note of the shape, depending on the song. So different songs can have different anchor notes, even if they fit with the same shape.

So give it a try. Keep playing along with songs, but now, experiment a little with this feeling of pull toward the anchor.

This is a very different experience than hearing which notes fit or don’t fit with the song, so don’t worry if you have any trouble hearing the anchor note at first. You’ll become more aware of the anchor gradually, the more you play with it.

And once you’ve started to notice this feeling of pull toward the anchor in a few different songs, that’s when you’re ready to come back for more.


Level 5 Playlist